A little chaos!

Hello, inmates. We speak to you again from the Arkham Asylum to show one of the key elements of the game, its randomness.

One of the keys that we have highlighted from the first day we announced the game is that Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum has been created to make each game different, but how exactly does this game mechanic work? That is what we are going to explain next.

The different rooms and corridors placed at random will be a perfect starting point, since apart from creating a different scenario for each game, the fact of not knowing the cells and corridors until the character crosses them, gives you a feeling of uncertainty very important for the immersion of the game.

The various decks of cards also give random conditions and handicaps. The Event Cards will not only indicate where the Nailed markers will appear, but will also add handicaps to both the game and the players, so while you are playing you will not have the feeling of having everything under control, on the contrary, you will be attentive to everything that can change around you, thus creating an immersion in the game never experienced in this kind of games.

The Nailed markers will also deploy the opponents, and they are not conditioned to appear on a specific cell by any rule, so their spontaneity will cause the players to be expectant about what is going to happen.

The Alarm Level will be another of the components that affect this randomness because depending on how high the alarm is, the opponents that may be in the game will be more or less tough.

Several cards of this style will make Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum be directed by a random combination that will give a personalized dynamism to each game, such as, the Object Cards that, although not directly give this element, when giving you another kind of opportunities you will be yourself when using them when you will create the expected dynamism.

As you can see, everything has been composed so that players can live a unique experience playing Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. Can you imagine what it is like to escape into this chaos with your favorite Super-Villains? Find out in Batman: Escape Arkham Asylum. Available on Kickstarter starting October 26. Stay tuned for these final days before launch because we have a huge surprise to show for. BE BAD!