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Hello Super-Villains! We're broadcasting your favorite newscast from Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum to explain one of the key aspects of the game: the actions.

Let's start with the basics. During each round the player has six actions to perform with his/her miniature. In each turn one or two actions are used and the turn is passed to the next player to act in the same way. When all the players have spent their actions, the round is over.

For example, the first action you could perform with your miniature is moving. The movement spends one action point for each tile you go to, therefore, if you decide to move it one tile, you will only be able to carry out another action. However, if you decide to move your Super-Villain through two places, your turn will end.

There are some actions that cost zero Action Points, like collecting. You'll have to roll the dice, though, and you can fail. Things are not easy at Arkham Asylum!

For the second thing you could do in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, you have multiple possibilities, such as collecting an object, crafting, reducing the alarm level… or combating.

Any of these actions will allow the player not only to advance the game and improve the skills of his/her miniature, but also to obtain Infamy Points that will determine which player is the winner. These points will be obtained by successfully carrying out attacks on the opponent, completing objectives, etc.

If at any time the miniature has a condition relevant to its actions, such as being stunned, it may lose certain actions for this round and you will have to adjust your plan to this new situation.

The player will follow the Escape Plan to complete the objectives and go to the Final Phase where all the Super-Villains will meet the Final Boss. If they escape, the Infamy Points will determine who is the winner of the game.

This is only a small part of everything that can be done in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. For more information, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss details of the news about the game until this fall, when the Kickstarter campaign will be launched. BE BAD!