Arkham Asylum: Emergency Exit | The Board Game

Hello Super Villains! We return with new information about the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. In this case we will talk about an essential element to prepare the game: the Board Game.

The board game is an important component of the game, not only for supporting the game, but also for generating a wild environment typical of the Arkham Asylum.

Its surface will allow you to place the miniatures, tokens and all the necessary elements to create a fully customizable game.

After choosing your Super-Villain and the Escape Plan, players must build the board in order to start playing.

As you can see, the board game of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum is modular and is made up of several segments called Tiles, each of which represent the cells, corridors and other types of rooms of the Asylum. All of them are made of cardboard and connected to each other creating a unique board game that will vary depending on the game, creating multiple scenarios to play.

There are two types of panels, rectangular and hexagonal. The first ones represent corridors, while the hexagons are rooms, like the nursery, the audiovisual room or the kitchen. Their position on the board game will vary as they will be placed face down following a simple order that we will explain next.

When the board is being assembled, these modules will be placed face down adding the number of additional corridors that will be indicated in the Escape Plan, always depending on the number of players stipulated for the game. In this way, if a game has the maximum number of players (5), the number of rooms will be used (5) and the number of corridors indicated in the escape plan for this group (8). On the contrary, if only one person is going to play, the basic number of corridors indicated by the card for one person will be considered.

To prepare this board game, the room with the cells of the Super-Villains will be placed first. It will be the only room that will be placed face up at the beginning of the game. From that moment the rest of the tiles will be placed in contact with up to three of the edges of that cell, a corridor and a room upside down chosen at random. Once all the rooms have been incorporated, the additional corridors can be connected at the discretion of the players to adapt the board to the game that is going to be played.

In this way we will arrange the board until we have incorporated all the necessary rooms indicated by the plan. Now we will only have to escape from the Arkham Asylum in the most fun way possible. However, running through Arkham Asylum will not be that easy. The rooms can have doors and alarms, which will create problems for the players. Do you accept the challenge?

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