Beware, security alarm installed.

Hello, inmates. We speak to you again from the Arkham Asylum to explain how one of the most important elements of the game works: The Control Board.

The Control Board is the component that represents the evolution of the game and its consequences. If we look at its composition we can observe several outstanding parts that we will explain below.

The first thing that catches our attention are some colored squares that go up and change color after 6 equal squares. This is the Security Level. We will start the game at the lowest level, that is, Green Level, and it will increase as we perform actions like moving or combating.

Upon reaching Yellow Level, Opponents in play will have more advantage when they attack you. Furthermore, stronger Opponents will be added to the Opponent Deck.

If the Security Level continues to rise it will end up reaching the Red Level and this is when things get really serious because the moment the counter reaches this level, Batman will enter the game! If The Bat appears in a room with a Super-Villain, there will be combat right there!

Fun fact: If Batman is in the game, he will not disappear even if the alarm level drops to the Yellow or Green Levels. To remove him from the game he needs to be defeated by a player. Although if this happens you cannot lower your guard. Batman will come again as soon as you reach the Red Level!

Finally, if the marker of the Security Level reaches the last square of the Red Level, the players lose the game automatically.

Once this is seen, we can realize that at the bottom of the Control Board there are consecutive numbers from 1 to 10. These numbers will represent the round in which the players are.

Every time all players have finished their Action Points and resolved their Event Cards, the turn will end and a new one will begin. These turns are represented in these numbers to be able to keep the account more easily, although, we must be vigilant because if the turns are over, the game will also end and all players will have lost.

In the middle of these elements are two spots. One is to place the Achievements tokens collected by the Super-Villains. The other is to place the Batman Card.

The Batman Card will show us the necessary information to face The Bat when he makes an appearance. To do this, when he appears, you draw a Batman Card from his deck and place it on the Control Board so that it is available to all players while Batman is in play.

These are the elements of the Control Board. Can you see yourself capable of being so clever as to keep the Alarm Level low and thus ensure that Batman does not appear in the Asylum? Find out in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, available on Kickstarter October 26, and BE BAD!