​​Catch us if you can, Batsy! | The Escape Plan

Hello, my little inmates! Bad guys speaking. We report from the small party that we have set up inside the Arkham Asylum to explain our plans to escape from this place in the wildest and funniest way that we have come up with. What better way to say goodbye to our Bats with what he most lacks?

The Escape Plan is the card that will determine the conditions of the game along with the objectives that we need to win. In it, the final boss we face will be exposed, along with four additional objectives that are designed to adapt the plan to the number of players (1-5). To achieve these objectives, there are some steps to be completed that are specified below each goal. For instance, in Aaron Cash's plan, the Super-Villains must take his hook to get out!

This card will also show the number of rooms and corridors that the board game will have depending on the number of players. This way, with 5 players, all the objectives will be used in addition to the indicated maximum number of rooms and corridors. On the contrary, if only one person is going to play, the objective of the boss and the basic number of corridors indicated by the card for one person will be taken into account.

Apart from this, the Escape Plan also shows us which are the elite opponents and the handicaps that the game will have inside the strange rooms of the Arkham Asylum. The plan also shows us in detail the objects that must be found for the plan to be a success.

The first thing we have to do is determine how many players the game is going to have, remembering that the game is made to be 1 to 5 players. Each one of them will choose a Super-Villain to create chaos inside Arkham Asylum, and once we are ready, we will only have to follow the plan to delve into the most fun of all, playing Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum!

The escape attempt

If you meet all the goals, except taking the boss's object, we will turn the Escape Plan over to begin the escape attempt. The back of the card contains a mini board game that takes you on the run. As soon as it is turned over, the models move to this board game to advance through this last section towards the boss.

How to defeat the final boss? In the case of the Escape Plan of Aaron Cash, we can see how there are three rooms, the last one being the boss’. We as players could go directly to Aaron Cash without going through the other cells, but we must bear in mind that if we do it, stealing his hook will be more difficult than if we previously collect those advantages that the previous cells give us.

The way to face these challenges is up to each individual. It is the beauty of residing in such a "special" place as Arkham Asylum that the normal is weird.

As you can see, we have developed an infallible Escape Plan that will help us get out of here before Brucey ruins everything. We say goodbye remembering that if you want to know more about Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, stay tuned for our updates until this Fall where its Kickstarter will be launched. BE BAD!