Crafting time!

Hello, Inmates! We're back to bring you more updates on our next Kickstarter project, Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. This time we will talk about its cards, the abilities of the characters and finally we will explain what the Infamy Points are for.

The cards

In the game we can find several types of cards that will indicate us from the information of the character to the type of encounters that will take place in the Arkham Asylum.

Character Cards will be one of the most important. These Cards bring all the necessary information to know the life, abilities, which dice to roll and possible weapons that can be made with the objects that the character is finding. These objects are represented on their own cards.

In the Skill Cards deck each card contains an item that will give the character an additional ability (It can only be used once, then you will have to discard it) or saved for crafting together with other items.

Each object will have one of these letters: M (Metal), P (Plastic), O (Organic) or M / P / O (you choose the one you want). These cards will determine what kind of material these objects are made of and you can put them together to create the weapons shown on the character cards. The crafting action has no cost and the materials to be used will be specified on your character card.

There are also the Reference Cards that will expose certain objectives that you must overcome together during the turn. If these objectives don’t happen, players will be penalized by raising the alert level and receiving Event Cards.

Event Cards are the most common in the game. They have two functions. The first will be to give handicaps to the game, and the second will be to indicate the location of the Nailed markers as you progress through the rooms of Arkham.

Adversaries Cards. These cards show the adversaries who are going to enter the game. When two Nailed markers coincide in the same room, they will be removed and replaced by a group of opponents. To find out which opponents will come into play, draw a card from the deck of Adversaries cards. As the alert level rises, the tougher opponents get into the deck to increase the difficulty of the game.

The abilities of the characters

Once the type of cards that the game brings has been explained, we will talk about the Character Skills.

Character skills are adapted to each Super-Villain to create a good immersion. In addition, apart from these we have the additional skills that we have been talking about before to be able to win the most difficult rolls that you can find on the way.

The Infamy Points

Finally, we will talk about the Infamy Points.

Infamy Points are those points that are needed to win the game. These points will accumulate throughout the game after achieving the objectives that are shown. When the game ends, you will count and the one with the most Infamy Points will be the winner of the game.

So far today's information. As you already know Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum will be out on Kickstarter on October 26 so stay tuned for the final updates and BE BAD!