I heard a Gossip…

Hello, inmates. We speak again from the Arkham Asylum to show you one of the last key elements of the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum: the Gossips.

The Gossips are one of the most important tokens you will find within the game. However, they are not free. They can only be collected after solving a test, which is specified on the Tip-off card, and only if there is not a Super-Villain in the same room.

Whenever you draw a Tip-off card, you must place two Gossip tokens on the board unless otherwise instructed. When a Gossip is collected, its token must be placed in the space reserved for the Achievements tokens in the Control Board.

Be aware of the Gossips!

The Escape Plan may require you to collect some Gossips before entering the Final Phase of the game. Furthermore, they are a key piece to be the best Super-Villain in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, because they give you important updates. The players should really think of a plan to achieve them by cooperating if this is necessary.

That’s it for today, inmates. Did you find the Gossips tokens interesting? We hope so. Stay tuned for the latest updates ahead of the release of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum on October 26 and BE BAD!