Just punch them!

Hello, inmates! We return with news from the Arkham Asylum to show you a crucial element to try to escape from this place: Fighting! In Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum the Combat system is designed to adapt to the character and thus give it an original touch that will make you change your strategy depending on the Super-Villain you have chosen.

We have already talked before about the actions that a character can perform. These actions can be basic, such as moving around the board, or more complex, like those ones that require dice rolls to solve them.

The action of Combat is one of the most complex actions because, apart from needing a dice roll to solve it, the life and ability of the opponent must also be considered in order to win the confrontation.

Combat works by pitting the opponent's values against those of the character. The success or failure of the fight will be determined depending on the opponent's strength and handicaps (if he/she has them) and your roll result and the additional abilities of the Super-Villain (if you have them and have decided to activate them).

In this part we will be able to observe how each character has his/her own techniques and abilities adapted to his/her actions to be able to face these encounters in a funny way that will give us a very deep immersion in the game.

The abilities of the characters will be represented in their character card and the character skills cards which you will have to unlock, achieving to overcome the objectives that they ask you to be able to use their improvements. Activating these additional skills will give the character certain advantages that he can use during the game.

During the development of the game, its mechanics have been seriously thought out to carry out a scenario in which escaping was not only a final objective but the most exciting part of the game, therefore, several handicaps can be found that will hinder the success of the characters. Hence, you can also have additional elements so that you can try to counteract the difficulties that you encounter along the way.

This is the way in which our Super-Villains will face the freak of Bats and his friends. What style do you think each of the characters will have? Stay tuned to find out more about Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum and BE BAD!