Made in Knight Games

Hello, inmates. We speak to you from the Arkham Asylum once again, to explain a little about the creative process that our Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum project is having.

Our miniatures and designs for the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum have been created in detail by our amazing Design team, but what is the artistic process behind this work like? In this post, we will explain the steps that any novelty takes from just a few lines on a blank piece of paper to the final result that reaches your homes.

Little lines that become sketches.

We start with the work of our wonderful illustrators. After the idea of ​​a miniature or design has been thought they go into action. After the first sketches, they begin to create the visual element of the game, always considering the theme to which they have to adhere and the tastes of the public to whom the product is directed.

Time to convert it to 3D.

When these images are finished, it is time for our modelers to get to work on them to achieve the detailed miniatures that will be in the game. For this they work tough to achieve the dynamic and realistic effect that they have. These miniatures, like the sketches, have a review to decide if they are ready to go to production or, on the contrary, they need more details. We are very aware of the quality that we want to give our products, that is why we tend to have a very critical eye in these evaluations.

Next step: To production.

Once the product is finished and has the green light, it is time to send it to production. For this process we always look for several candidates to ensure the quality of the product, and all the material is reviewed in person to see before packing that everything is in perfect condition.


Our production team works with a different schedule so that the product can get out as quickly as possible. They know that the product must be fully packed and ready to go when the delivery van arrives, so they pack quickly to get everything ready while they supervise that everything is perfect.

From our company to your home.

Finally, the product will be delivered to your home where you will receive not only a great Batman game but also a part of the effort and dedication of all of us who are part of this incredible project.

That's it for today, inmates. We hope that after this explanation you will know a little more about the process of creating Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. For our part, we can only remember that you are attentive to our updates, because we are about to show something incredible, and the launch of this Kickstarter will be on October 26, BE BAD!