Roll the dice!

Hello, dear inmates! We communicate again from the Arkham Asylum to show another of the components of the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. This time we are going to talk about dice.

Normally, the six-sided dice of a game do not have too much interest, but these dice are special because they have been designed within the aesthetics of the game to give the necessary information in a visual way.

As expected, the dice will be an important element of the game Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, since they will be the ones that determine the result of almost all the actions that can be carried out during the game.

The game has 3 different kinds of dice, which will have the same symbols, although distributed differently.

  • The Pink dice: They have the best results. They are usually used in strong attacks or special abilities.

  • The Green dice: They are more common than the previous dice and have an advantageous result. They are used by more characters than the Pink ones.

  • The Black dice: They are the most abundant but the Black dice also have the highest risk in the rolls. These dice may be added to the character's number dice, at the risk of a negative result.

The dice have 4 symbols that we will analyze below.

  • Batman: Obviously, since we play Super-Villains, this is the negative result. Both the alarm level and the enemy counterattack are triggered if the roll result contains too many Batman symbols. The Black dice are the ones that contain this symbol the most, so you have to be careful when choosing how many to roll.

  • Star: Stars count as hits. The Pink dice are usually the ones that contain the most Stars on their faces, then the Green ones and finally the Black ones.

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are opportunities they give you to add to your result. Before making a roll, you will receive a number of Diamonds markers equal to the number of Black dice you have added to the game. Then, once you have made the roll, the number of Diamonds indicated in the result will determine the number of markers you can spend to add hit to your roll.

  • Lightning: Lightning is usually used by the special abilities of the characters. Depending on who rolls the dice, they can use the Lightning that appears on the dice roll to perform other actions, such as removing Batman symbols from the result.

These symbols would be the components of the dice included in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. In the next updates we will give you more details about this incredible game. Stay tuned for updates and BE BAD!