Something is gonna happen...

Hello, inmates. We return with news from Arkham Asylum. This time we will focus on an essential element for the game: the Event Cards.

Event Cards are the most common cards in Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. They have different uses depending on what the players are doing at the time, and they will be a crucial element when playing the game.

They have three functions. The first is to give conditions and handicaps to the players and the game. Sometimes you will be required to give your Event Card to another player, so you will boycott other players and get rid of any negative conditions for your Super-Villain.

The Event Cards you’ll receive will be face down so you won’t know what you’ll suffer until the end of the round.

The second function is to indicate the location of the Nailed! markers as you progress through the rooms and corridors of Arkham Asylum. They can be placed at the front, the sides, your own place… or even outside the Asylum. Anyway, whenever two Nailed! markers are placed on the same tile or on the Control Board, a group of Adversaries will be deployed and escaping will be harder for you.

The last function is to indicate the difficulty of some actions of the game, like reducing the Security Level.

For now, that’s all, inmates. Did you find the Event Cards interesting? Stay tuned for our future updates for all the details before October 26, which will be when we launch the Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum Kickstarter and BE BAD!